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How To Remove Bed Bugs

How To Remove Bed Bugs? Here is how to handle bedbugs based on my personal experience and reference material on the internet.

Using pesticide

If there are 100 bedbugs in your bed and you managed to kill 99 you will still have the bedbugs will quickly multiply into many more. Pesticide or drug use insect repellent spray is one of more effective ways than you have to kill the fleas one by one.

How To Remove Bed Bugs

How To Remove Bed Bugs

Using durian skin

How to use it is put the durian skin under the place where there are many ticks rotten. Why durian skin more effectively than in insect repellent such as pesticide? The answer: Bedbugs really do not like the smell of leather durian so that they will be blurred if the smell, besides, when you use Baygon may still ticks that have not been in contact with the spray and not dead, all the results of the tick will come back to proliferate and become more.


Of the two ways above here will try to conclude how to repel bedbugs powerful:

First kill fleas one by one by hand, or in terms of the Javanese in farmers.

After using the hand must still be bugs that remain for the use Baygon, spray your mattress until evenly because the eggs of lice that could be attached in place of the unexpected.

Drying the mattress under the blazing sun, the goal for ticks on the heat and eventually could not stand and on the go.

After drying course, there are still bad bugs despite living a little and maybe just eggs only (eggs lice are very small and hard to see), though not considered underestimates because within two days of a tiny mite that would be great and the eggs will be a tiny mite. Use durian skin and put it under your mattress before, in order to repel ticks earlier.

Actually, by using skin durian alone bad bugs already going away from your mattress, but when only using skin durian, then it would only repel bedbugs course, had feared if the lice were gone and landed in a mattress neighbor then you’re just giving a male plot to others. Therefore, before using durian skin better farmers, sprayed once, dried first before eventually using durian skin.

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