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The bed bug epidemic is an unusual and mysterious occurrence. Bed bugs have seen a substantial revival worldwide, and scientists have yet to establish why. We thought we had it negative enough with the bed bugs we knew. Currently, there is an entire various other monster to worry about: tropical bedbugs are back.

There are two species of bed bugs that feed on people. The first is called the usual bed bug, or Cimex lectularius. It obtains that name because it’s everywhere: typical bed bugs can be found in all 50 states, as well as prevail throughout the remainder of the globe. The tropical bed bug, Cimex hemipterus, is much less common. Tropical bed bugs have just been discovered in subtropic or tropic areas such as Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and also Singapore.

Bed Bug Supply Com

Bed Bug Supply Com

Till lately, the typical bedbug was thought to be the only varieties of bed bug located in the United States. It is additionally ultimately the only species that have actually been commonly researched. Now every one of that might alter with the discovery of the tropical bed bug, a pest assumed long gone from the states.

The new case of tropical bed bugs was found in a home on Merritt Island, Florida. Florida is one of a couple of southern states that is believed to have the suitable conditions for exotic bed bugs to thrive. Nevertheless, a problem hasn’t been reported in over 60 years until now.

Externally, exotic bed bugs are practically similar to the typical bed bugs that we know and also dislike. Like typical bed bugs, tropical bed bugs are level, oval-shaped pests with six legs, brief antennae, and also little, vestigial wing pads. Where they vary in appearance is their neck sector, called a “pronotum”. While the usual bed bug has a U-shaped pronotum that flares out on either side, the tropical bed bug’s pronotum is narrower and does not have those winglike extensions.

Researchers at the College of Florida’s Institute of Food as well as Agricultural Sciences are asking the public to send out samples of suspected tropical bed bugs.

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